Web page download for Batch Move/Copy Application V1.0.16 Changelog

Added a file size box with total size of selected items.
Added a 'Check for updates' feature and disable auto checking.
Added a Simple or Advanced configuration.
Added a batch create of folders (FolderNameXX, e.g. Folder01, Folder02 to Folder99)
Added a folder delete facility.
Added a folder renaming facility.
Fixed export CSV to Excel (Excel has to be in the default location)
Bugfix, double click the empty From or To list sometimes causes a crash
Bugfix, success or fail on copy double checks the file exists on the target machine
Bugfix, forgot to add a log entry for folders
Bugfix, after completion the target device updates the amount of free space
Checkbox added to clear the folder name after creation
Changed the way an initial startup is performed
Added total capacity of a drive display
If the capacity of a selected drive has less than 20GB free space it highlights red.

Drag and Drop multiple files/folders
Added an option to suppress all error messages
Bugfix, folder copy and move now works correctly
Dump directory contents (Right click the from file list box)
Better handling of the Job List boxes
Save and Open added to store batch jobs (can open multiple to combine)
Fixed field length of free space box
Clear joblist added

Drag and Drop now supported
Drive free space now shown
Refresh file screen after move/copy finished
Added automatic overwrite if file/folder exists (check box)
Changelog added to the help menu

Initial Release