Web page download for Batch Move/Copy Application V1.0.16
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Sorry guys, no fancy web page as yet for this!

Version 1.0.16 released.
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First, a warning.... Used incorrectly this program could serioulsy damage your OS! Make
sure you do not move files from Windows system folders (e.g c:\Windows or c:\Program Files)

Whats this program do? Its a very quick and easy way to move files and folders to multiple destinations without
the need to sit at the PC or have multiple copy/move operations going in parallel.
See the bottom of the page for usage.

Download ZIP (1.66MB)

Download .EXE (160Kb)

(If this fails to run you will need to download the full ZIP file

Windows Vista & 7 Fix .zip (63k)


  • Select the your destination drive and folder first by double clicking the actual folder name. Mapped network drives can also be used.
  • Select whether you want to move or copy the file from the drop down box in the action menu.
  • Select the source drive and then the source folder.
  • If its the entire folder to copy over make sure all is correct with the selec tions before clicking the Add Folder button. (Checks are not in place if your destination is a sub directory of the source folder!)
  • If it's a file to move/copy, double click the file required in the right hand pane of the From section.
  • The current jobs will be in the Job List section, source is the first panel, the next is move (M) or copy (C)
    and the last is the destination.
  • To remove a job, double click it from the list.
  • For quickness you can select the desktop or My Documents folder for source or destination quickly via the
    Shortcuts menu at the top.
  • To start the process, simply hit the Go button and it will start - it may look like the program has crashed if there are large files to process but be patient and it will finish.
Any problems or suggestions feel free to email me.